10 companies to watch – part 7

by Alexey Bersenev on June 11, 2016 · 0 comments

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This is 7th issue of Ten Companies to Watch. Here I pick and overview the most interesting companies in stem cell/ cell/gene therapy/ regenerative medicine field. I’m focusing on new startups, but considering any other “under-appreciated” companies. As always – I’m open to your suggestions.

Here is my new list without particular order:

1. Cell Design Labs
This startup is aiming to commercialize approaches for therapeutic cell engineering, developed by Wendell Lim’s lab. With the first switch-on CAR T-cell study, cell therapy community got very excited about Lim’s work. Two more studies on engineering of CAR T-cells came up earlier this year. Recently Kite Pharma struck a deal with Cell Design Labs.

2. Vitruvian Networks
Recently launched company by GE Ventures in partnership with Mayo Clinic. The company is developing the first of its kind software, which will connect and provide a network of cell/ gene therapy tools manufacturers via digital cloud. This is the first concept of “internet of things” for cell/ gene therapies.

3. OxStem
University of Oxford spinout, which commercializes a concept of “in situ cell programming therapy”. This pre-clinical company is identifying small molecules, which will stimulate or “reprogram” tissue resident stem/ progenitors cells with therapeutic outcome. The company has raised £16.9 million this year, which is a record amount for academic spinouts in UK.

4. iCELL
Japanese company, which is developing approaches for creating organs from iPS/ ES cells in the animals via blastocyst complementation. Company was founded 6 years ago by famous stem cell scientist Hiro Nakauchi.

5. TxCell
French clinical-stage company, developing cellular therapeutic products, based on regulatory T-cells. The company was founded in 2001, but recently captured my attention, because of their new platform – ENTrIA. CAR-Tregs is the first attempt to use CAR T-cells outside of oncology. This year, the company has launched collaborations with 2 academic institutions for development of CAR-Tregs for therapy of autoimmune diseases.

6. AvroBio
Launched this year, startup from Canada/US has a stellar team behind. The company is developing cell/ gene therapy approaches for rare diseases (Fabry disease) and immunotherapy for cancer.

7. BioCision
US-based company, which provides tools for standardization of cold chain logistics. In the recent years, Bioscision developed and introduced to the market a number of innovative award-winning products. I’d also highlight a great stylish design of Biocision’s products.

8. WindMIL Therapeutics
Very new startup company, which is aiming to commercialize marrow-infiltrating lymphocytes (MIL) product in some hematological malignancies. The technology was developed by Johns Hopkins University’s researches. Last year, results of the first clinical trial were published.

9. Recombinetics
US-based company, which uses gene editing techniques in livestock. The company captured my attention, because it started to team up with academics in creation of human-animal chimeras and humanized pigs for organ bioengineering.

10. Homology Medicines
Newly launched gene editing/ therapy stratup from US. The company’s technology of gene editing is based on homologous recombination. The company recently raised $43.5M.

Disclaimer: This list reflects solely my opinion and sympathy. I have no financial interest in companies, mentioned in this post. This information should not be considered as financial advice.

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