Divesting of VSEL

by Alexey Bersenev on July 9, 2015 · 1 comment

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About a month ago, US-based NeoStem, which was trying to commercialize VSEL technology, was re-branded to Caladrius. With rebranding, however, information about VSEL development platform was removed from Caladrius web site. There was no any official statements from the company about VSEL divestment, but apparently they did it.

I’m curious to learn about reasons for VSEL divestment, but I can only guess:

I decided to ask two PIs who collaborated with NeoStem on clinical translation of VSEL under NIH grants. So, I sent emails to Russell Taichman and Michael Young. Dr. Taichman responded to me, saying that “his team is continuing working on VSEL development under another corporate entity”. Michael Young did not respond to me.

I think, the reason for divestment is a combination of factors, but more likely, translational difficulties played the major role. I outlined these difficulties here. Now, I wonder if Caladrius has to report how VSEL-related grants money were spent. The company got ~ $4M for VSEL development over last 3 years, most funding came from NIH.

What do you think of potential reasons for VSEL divestment? Any information you may want to share here?

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Jozef Dulak September 15, 2015 at 8:14 am

Dear Alexey,
It would be also interesting if others would carefully analyze the content of numerous papers published on VSELs by Dr. Ratajczak’s group since 2006. It seems that some figures, photographs, tables and texts on VSELs look very similar in different articles without relevant references to previous publications.
Jozef Dulak & Alicja Jozkowicz


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