Gadgets Review: Organ-on-chip companies

by Alexey Bersenev on June 18, 2015 · 1 comment

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Post updated on June 21, 2015

Organ-on-a-chip/ body-on-a-chip is a hottest topic in biomedical research. Despite infancy of the field and many translational challenges, we are witnessing a race for commercialization of these technologies. I’m sure you’ve heard multiple news about “academic institution X developed organ-on-a-chip Y and spinout company Z”. Today, I’m reviewing some of these companies. I was trying to focus on companies, which are actually making organ-on-chip “ready to go” (with cells in it), but not just selling microfluidic chips. Please add any other missing company to the list!

German company, founded in 2010. The company launched the first commercial product – “Two-Tissue-Culture Chip” in 2013. See the concept of body-on-chip from TissUse:

Spinout from U of Washington, founded in 2012. Supported financially by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Focuses on kidney, intestines and liver organoids on a chip. Expecting commercial launch of the first product this year.

TARA BioSystems
Spinout of Columbia University, founded in 2014. Developing commercial “heart-on-a-chip” product for toxicology testing. Read more here.

Emulate Bio
2014 startup, which made the biggest buzz in mass media. Spinout of Wyss Institute. The company develops multiple organ-on-chip products, focusing on integrative system “human-on-chip”. Emulate collaborates with Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca.

The company launched 3 liver-on-chip products in 2013. Sanofi has a collaboration with HµREL on using their liver-on-chip products in drug R&D.

Swiss company, which works on development of body-on-chip. The project funded by CORDIS Europe.

AxoSim Technologies
New startup company from New Orleans, spinout from Tulane University. The company develops “nerve-on-a-chip” device for preclinical drug development.

US-based company, utilizing hepatic micropatterning culture, developed by Sangeeta Bhatia at MIT. Company founded in 2007 and has services/ products on a market for drug toxicology since 2013.

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Dr. S. Shrivastava September 23, 2016 at 2:19 am

what will these cost at the user end, There is no statement about that on any website


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