Methods and Protocols Digest – December 2014

by Alexey Bersenev on December 24, 2014 · 0 comments

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Methods and Protocols Digest is a collection of links to the methodological articles, freely available online. Here you can also share your lab protocol with community!

I’m was thinking about optimal format of Methods and Protocols series. Maybe better to pick few protocols per week and link to it from Cells Weekly? Please let me know what do you think the best format for it would be in 2015. I need your feedback!


Direct neural reprogramming
Corversion of human fibroblasts in neural cells using nonintegrating vectors (Cell Reports)
Sox2-mediated conversion of glial cells into neurons in vivo (Stem Cell Reports)
Fast and efficient neural conversion of human hematopoietic cells (Stem Cell Reports)
Conversion of bibroblasts to neural cells by p53 depletion (Cell Reports)

Adipose stem cells
Influence of basal media and FGF on qualities of adipose-derived stem cells (Cell Regeneration)

Pluripotent stem cells
Comparison of human somatic cell sources for iPS cell generation (Stem Cells Int)
Embryoid bodies culture from iPS cells in microfabricated cell-repellent microwell arrays (Sci Reports)

Tissue engineering
Engineering of rat bladder using acellular matrix and MSCs (PLoS ONE)
A protocol for decellularization of whole porcine heart (BioResearch OA)
Controlling laser-induced jet formation for bioprinting of MSCs (BioFabrication)

Mesenchymal stromal cells
Derivation of MSC from pluripotent stem cell using small molecules (PLoS ONE)
Impact of serum-free medium on biological characteristics of MSCs (Stem Cell Res Ther)

Genome editing – reprogramming
CRISPR/Cas9-based system for reprogramming into muscle cell lineage (Stem Cell Reports)
Improving Cas9-mediated cellular programming (BioRxiv)

Other adult stem cells
Purification and ex vivo expansion of salivary gland stem cells (Stem Cell Reports)
Differentiation of human breast milk-derived stem cell into neural cells (Neurol Res Int)

“Disease in a dish”
Generation of neutrophils/ macrophages from chronic granulomatous diseases-specific iPS cells (BioResearch OA)

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