Commercialization of organ decellularization

by Alexey Bersenev on December 6, 2014 · 1 comment

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Organ and tissue decellularization (decell) is a process of cell removal with an aim to provide natural extracellular matrix ECM) for transplantation. The method is not new, but it gained momentum in the last few years with introduction of new decell techniques for perfusion of whole vital organs, such as heart, lungs and liver. Notably, in the last 5 years, the first startups, aiming to commercialize decell tissue and organs, came up. Today I’m going to overview a few companies, working in the field. There is a variety of companies, utilizing decell technologies for engineering of whole solid or hollow organs and for patches and tissues.

1. Miromatrix Medical
US-based private clinical stage company, which started operations in 2010 after licensing organ decell technology from Doris Taylor lab of the University of Minnesota. The ultimate goal of the company to make fully transplantable “ready to use” decell organs. This year, company started commercial sales decellularized mesh, derived from porcine liver for hernia repair. MiroMesh is approved by FDA as 510k device. The company is collaborating with Mayo Clinic and Texas Heart Institute in organ transplantation field.

2. Videregen
UK-based private company, “aims to develop the world’s first commercially available organ replacements”. Right now, the company is focused on hollow organs, such as trachea and bowel. Videregen collaborates with University College London on engineered trachea replacement.

3. AxoGen
Public company, making allo- decellularized nerve tissue Avance Nerve Graft. The product is available in US, Canada and Europe for peripheral nerve repair surgery.

4. Humacyte
US-based public company, founded in 2005. Investigational product – decellularized vascular graft is undergoing clinical trials.

5. Tissue Regenix
UK-based public company, founded in 2006 as spin-off of the University of Leeds. Company utilizes patented platform for tissues decellularization – dCELL for making series of products. Both porcine and human tissues used in dCELL process to make vascular patches, heart valves, meniscus and dermis grafts. The first commercial product DermaPure is approved for sales in Europe and US.

6. LifeNet Health
US-based company, which specializes on donor organ/ tissue procurement. Among many products, the company is making decell vascular patches and grafts. MatrACELL is patented decell technology platform and part of CardioGRAFT brand. Vascular patches are available on US market.

7. Midwest Research Swine
Supplier or raw material of porcine origin for decell companies and for research.

8. Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology
Supplier of tools, enabling ex vivo culture and support of decell organs. Right now company is making two types of bioreactors – for hollow organs and for solid organs (Orca Bioreactor).

9. IVIVA Medical Inc (no web site)
New company, founded by prominent Harvard researcher Harald Ott. No more information available at this point.

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Hi, what about EBERS Medical please?
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