20 bioprinting companies to watch

by Alexey Bersenev on July 23, 2014 · 8 comments

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Bioprinting is a new buzz word in biomedicine. With creation of new 3D printers and increased interest from investors, the field is starting to gain momentum and commercialize. But if you look at bioprinting as a business, all you will see is news about Organovo. But, in the last few years many new bioprinting companies are popped up. In this post I’ll highlight 20 most notable companies, developing bioprinting products.

1. Cyfuse Biomedical
Japanese company, founded in 2010. Makes bioprinter Regenova. Working on bioprinting few organs and tissues for drug discovery and regenerative medicine.

2. TeVido Biodevices
US-based private start-up company, founded in 2011. The company is working on printing breast tissue with nipples and cellular wound cover, created from patient’s adipose stem cells. Learn more from this video.

3. Regenovo Biotechnology
Chinese company, founded in 2013. Commercializing bioprinter “Regenovo” for “making biomaterials, organs and tissues” for regenerative medicine.

4. Aspect Biosystems
Private Canadian company, founded in 2013. Commercializing bioprinted “living human tissues on demand” – for Pharma R&D.

5. Rainbow Biosciences
A division of US public company Rainbow Coral Corp. Since 2012, the company has a joint venture and commercializing product, developed by nano 3D Biosciences – 3D BiO Assay. This assays is claimed as “the first commercially available 3D bioprinting system for drug screen”. The technology behind – magnetic levitation.

6. RegenHU
Private Swiss company, founded in 2007. Has few bioprinting products on a market – printer BioFactory and matrix BioInk.

7. Osteopore International
Clinical stage company from Singapore. Printing matrices for bone regeneration. Has 2 products on a market – Osteoplug and Osteomesh. For matrix fabrication company uses QuickSlice software offered by Stratasys Inc.

8. Bio 3D Technologies
Private Singaporean company, founded in 2013. Makes bioprinter – Life-Printer “X” for Pharma R&D and potential RegenMed applications.

9. GeSiM
German company, which makes equipment for liquid handling automation and microfluidics platforms. The company makes and sells bioprinter BioScaffolder 2.1 for printing of scaffolds in tissue engineering.

10. Tissue Regeneration Systems
Private US company, founded in 2008. The company “fabricate skeletal reconstruction implants”. Last year, FDA cleared the first bioprinted implant for bone regeneration as 501k device.

11. nScrypt Inc
US company, founded in 2002. Recently nScrypt is commercializing products for tissue bioprinting – Computer Aided Machining equipment and biomaterials.

12. OxSyBio
U of Oxford spin-out, founded in 2014. Company will develop bioprinted materials for wound healing and drug delivery. Read more.

13. Next 21
Japanese company, which provides a service for printing of custom bone implants. The company filed application for approval of bioprinter.

15. DigiLab Inc
US company, which makes variety of devices for life sciences. The recent product CellJet – automated live cell printer for research applications.

16. Advanced Solutions Life Sciences
A division of Advanced Solutions, dedicated to development software and hardware for 3D printing of tissues. Commercializing two products – Tissue Structure Information Modeling (TSIM) and BioAssemblyBot.

17. MicroFab Technologies Inc
US company, which offers commercial printing platform JetLab. The platform could include custom TissueJet bioprinter for tissue engineering.

18. EnvisionTEC
International 3D printing industry giant. A big part of company now dedicated to biofabrication. Company makes and sells printer 3D-Bioplotter for applications in tissue engineering.

19. Seraph Robotics
Private US company, founded in 2011. Company makes and sells 3D printing platform (hardware and sofware) Fab@Home Model 3. This platform successfully used in academic institutions to print scaffolds for tissue engineering.

20. Organovo
Public American company – the icon of bioprinting business. Makes printer Novogen MMX and provide tissues (NovoTissues) for R&D.

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tonyon January 1, 2015 at 3:28 pm

…3D Bioprinting-Immortality…((sugar cotton fibers produced by centifuges machines are even finer…capillaries are between 2 tenth and 1 hundredth part of a millimeter in diameter…perhaps…could be used these machines adapted as “biocentrifuges” to make capillary micro-tubes with a biodegradable and binder yarn of sugar inside coated with cells?))…


tonyon October 11, 2015 at 5:36 am

BIOPRINTING: Have to say very clearly to the religious, once and for all, that we are NOT interested in their religious stories for ignorant, nor their “ethical debates” about anything. We do not want more religion stories nevermore. What we do want with the BIOPRINTING techniques is to get THE IMMORTALITY, period.


tonyon January 13, 2016 at 4:34 pm

…interstellar travel (immortals new body)… 3D Bioprinting…the technology used to print documents is also being utilized to create living tissue, in a not too distant future to “print”, overlapping layer upon layer, whole organs such as a heart, a liver, a kidney, and one day a whole body. In the beginning the basic technique was exactly the same as using a normal jet printer ink, when printing a document (or image) inks of different colors are distributed on the paper in a specific pattern. It all started in this way: at Clemson University (years ago) have replaced printer inks for some “inks cells” alive. The ink cartridges were refilled with some cells solutions and software was rescheduled. The “paper” is a biodegradable gel, designed at the University of Washington, which solidifies to reach 32 ºC of temperature. Still need it much? for to be a reality with great performances. The main problem is that it is still unable to create an organ which circulates the blood, but it can print a tissue with thickness of a kidney in just 2 hours. The next step is to print the tiniest (capillaries) parts of an organ, just those that make it work. If this is achieved would be very near the Eternity for human being. NASA and other companies are interested in these researches.


tonyon January 15, 2016 at 5:38 pm

…3D Bioprinting-Immortality (organ vascular network)… ((is it the vascular-capillary tree of an organ an aleatory “tangle”?, or is it a structure with symmetry, equidistance among capillary bifurcations always identical in each organ?. How would see it (see it with current technology) both capillary networks, blood and lymphatic, of 2 equal organs if they could been isolated from organ?, probably they are aleatory tangles sufficient for to do its work: in the blood-capillaries leave go out (suitable porosity…) plasma with O2 and nutrients towards, and CO2 which go into from, the intercellular space…and in the lymphatic-capillaries leave go into the surplus lymph with cellular refuses from intercellular space… Could then be used adapted centrifuges machines of sweet cotton, using some class of biodegradable and in water insoluble “sugar” and once formed the 2 different “cotton” tangles (blood and lymphatic) submerge they in a solution of cells with avidity for adhere to yarn-food from the tangle?…forming it the 2 labyrinthine capillary networks of hollow cellular micro-tubes to disappears the within biodegradable binder yarn?))…


tonyon April 28, 2016 at 5:06 pm

…vascular-capillary tree structure: how the Nature repeats successful designs, then obviously they must be the same such as in vegetable group in 2 equal trees branches finer and finer, growing from trunks with “approximated symmetry”…


Sriharsha March 15, 2016 at 1:13 pm

May be my question does not followw the much technical thing which is discussed her , Now about spinal cord, an accident made me quadriplegic 3 years back, can tissue regeneration or stem cell therapy is done to bring my normal life back. Am from India.


tonyon August 15, 2016 at 6:04 pm

3D Bioprinting…will arrive in time for us the Fantastic Voyage towards the Immortal Future?…


tonyon April 29, 2017 at 6:11 am

“business”?, out religious miserables from the Humankind, because religion is LIE


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