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by Alexey Bersenev on May 8, 2014 · 0 comments

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Very important event in ongoing “STAP saga” has happened today – for the first time, official results of Nature’s paper reproducibility attempt were posted as pre-print for peer review:

…we have not been able to replicate Obokata et al.’s findings to produce STAP stem cells from somatic cells. It appears that the method for producing STAP stem cells is not as simple and straight forward as has been reported.

Kenneth Lee’s lab from Hong Kong has been on top of STAP reproducibility efforts, since publication of original studies in January 29. Besides Lee, there were multiple attempts to reproduce STAP protocols, but nobody has published/ posted their findings so far.

Let’s look at chronology of STAP reproducibility:

January 29 – Two STAP papers were published in Nature
February 8 – Paul Knoepfler launched STAP reproducibility crowdsourcing project
February 17 – Nature cited their questionnaire results – 0 of 10 labs were able to reproduce STAP so far
February 27 Teru Wakayama proposed to give one year for STAP reproducibility efforts
March 6 – RIKEN released detailed STAP protocol in order to improve reproducibility
March 13 – Kenneth Lee posted the first results of STAP reproducibility experiments for public view
March 13 – Lack of direct replication on Knoepfler crowdsourcing project pointed by Science Exchange
March 19 – Jun Seita proposes a control for STAP protocol clarity
March 20 – Vacanti’s lab posted their STAP protocol online
March 21 – Nature rejects negative STAP reproducibility report by Kenneth Lee
March 24 – Kenneth Lee started to post daily public updates on reproducibility of Vacanti’s STAP protocol
March 24 – Knoepfler’s crowdsourcing STAP reproducibility project reports 10 failures out of 11 attempts
April 1 – Kenneth Lee shares first, “possible positive” results on Vacanti’s STAP protocol reproducibility
April 2 – Jaenisch’s lab mentioned as one failed to reproduce Vacanti’s protocol
April 2- Lee warns against over-hyping his preliminary results
April 4 – Kenneth Lee quits live-blogging of STAP reproducibility
April 9 – Obokata claimed readiness to “go anywhere” to help any scientist reproduce STAP
April 14 – Kenneth Lee posted results of 2nd set replication effort of Vacanti’s STAP protocol
April 14 – Mysterious “not a complete replication”
April 15 – Warnings about possible limited positive STAP replication
May 8 – Kenneth Lee publishes online results of reproducibility Obokata’s protocol

Lee’s article on F1000 Research has been viewed >1.1k times in the first day. I’d encourage you to read it, critically evaluate and comment/ discuss it. F1000 platform enables public discussions online.

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