Using of PubMed Commons for discussing papers

by Alexey Bersenev on January 21, 2014 · 0 comments

in open science, web tools

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I’ve written before about web tools for post-publication peer review, such as Faculty of 1000 and PubPeer. Today, I’d like to discuss a new tool – PubMed Commons. PubMed Commons is a post-publication peer review (commenting) platform, created by NCBI last year. Less then a month ago it went public from pilot version. Now, when you browse PubMed, you can see first comments and discussion right next to the abstract. There are two major advantages of PubMed Commons compare to other post-publication peer review platforms:
1. It leverages huge popularity and good functionality of well known literature database and
2. It’s free (unlike Faculty of 1000).
However, unlike PubPeer, you have to be indexed in PubMed author, in order to register and comment. So it does not allow anonymity.

Now few practical tips for stem cell folks. In order to search all articles with comments type:
stem cell AND has_user_comments[filter]
or as i did:
has_user_comments[sb] stem cell
You can see results of such query here.
To look for comments on particular article via PMID:
11572773 [pmid] AND has_user_comments [filter]
See more options for search here.

How to follow all comments from papers of topic of interest – via RSS:

  1. type your search query with has_user_comments[sb] (ex: stem cell AND has_user_comments[sb])
  2. click on RSS icon
  3. pubmedcommons1

  4. click on “Create RSS” button
  5. pubmedcommons

  6. click on “XML” button
  7. copy address and paste (add) in your RSS reader
  8. see result for “stem cell

You can compare layout of discussion of the same stem cell paper in PubMed Commons and PubPeer.

I’d highly encourage you to join PubMed Commons and try it!

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