LifeMap Discovery – new stem cell database

by Alexey Bersenev on July 31, 2013 · 0 comments

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Last year, LifeMap Sciences – a subsidiary of US-based company BioTime, has launched a database LifeMap Discovery. Recently, detailed description of this database was published in PLoS ONE:

LifeMap Discovery is designed to provide the research community with viable, scalable, and easy to manage data describing cellular and anatomical development, and presented in a useful framework model, and with various types of in vitro cells providing molecular and cellular information such as gene expression, culturing conditions, differentiation protocols and related cell-therapy applications about these entities.

You can also learn about LifeMap from this video:

and from talk of David Warshawsky – LifeMap’s CEO.

I was trying to look at some clinical trials information under “cell therapy” section and found that many of them “required premium access“. So, is it really “freely available to academic nonprofit institutions”? Maybe only some data? Or maybe academic institution should register to get access to all data?

If you use LifeMap, please share your experience!

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