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by Alexey Bersenev on April 4, 2013 · 0 comments

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A new web-based free-to-use platform Assay Depot connects researchers and service (assays) providers. I think, this is a great idea! It’s kind of search engine for assays in biomedical research and drug development with benefits for both – researchers (developers) and service providers (vendors). The platform allows to:

  • find your assay provider
  • custom design and order research service
  • request quotes
  • request service
  • place orders
  • ask technical question
  • compare service providers

Assay Depot database currently includes ~ 4000 research laboratories.

I was curious about stem cell assays providers and searched for it.

There are 36 vendors offering stem cell assay service. You can pick any, read about it and request a service:

You can narrow down your search to location, certifications, cell assays type and apply multiple other filters. Here I’ve searched “stem cell analysis” with “GMP certification” and got 15 service providers:


I think, it’s very interesting web tool, which potentially can save a lot or time and money for cell/ drug products developers. You can learn more about this project from this video and from introduction.

If you have tried Assay Depot already, please share your experience with us! If you’re about to try – come back later and tell us your impressions!

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