The recent data falsification in stem cell research

by Alexey Bersenev on July 11, 2012 · 0 comments

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We are trying to keep you updated with any fraud, misconducts or retractions in stem cell research. Some bad news came up this week. iPS cells and dental pulp stem cells under the radar today!

The Scientist reported about data falsification by researcher at Emory University:

The falsified data affect 3 funded NIH grants, 5 NIH grant applications, 5 manuscripts submitted to Nature, Nature Medicine, Nature Biotechnology, Science, and Blood, and other documents.

Likely she was caught before publication. According ORI report she falsified figures in Nature 2009, Science 2009, and Nature Biotechnology 2009 manuscripts. I wonder why these manuscripts were on review for so long time (3 years)? Data manipulations just came up now. Very strange.

Retraction Watch reports about retraction of 2011 paper: Mineralized tissue formation by bone morphogenetic protein-7–transfected pulp stem cells:

We had a few questions about this case — who made the allegation of faked data, what did the authors have to say, was there an institutional inquiry — but we didn’t get far with the journal. Editor Kenneth Hargreaves replied to our email with the following:

“Without knowing you or your company, I will restrict our statement to what has been published in the JOE.”

We urged Hargreaves to check out our bona fides, but he evidently wasn’t impressed enough to respond with more information.

Well, editors are not very open to talk about retractions.

The authors of the paper – Xuechao Yang already had one retraction last year. Dental pulp (from China) in trouble!

I wish you never come across data falsification and fraud in your research and career! Have a nice week!

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