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by Alexey Bersenev on May 7, 2012 · 0 comments

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We’ve written about educational programs at universities and it was one of the most popular our posts. Professionals and young people have a great interest to education and career development in regenerative medicine. Today, we will focus on Master’s degree programs, summer schools and short courses and trainings.

Master’s degrees:
MSc program in regenerative medicine: clinical and industrial delivery at the University of Edinburgh (1-year, UK)
MSc Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine at the University of Sheffield (UK)
Tissue Engineering for Regenerative Medicine MRes at the University of Manchester (UK)
Master of Science Degree in Stem Cell Biology at the University of Minnesota (US)

For junior researchers:
CIHR Training Program in Regenerative Medicine (Canada)
Summer School for Regenerative Medicine at Utrecht University (2 weeks, Netherlands)
Summer Internship Program at Harvard Stem Cell Institute (2 months, US)
Summer Scholars Program in Regenerative Medicine at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (10 weeks, US)
Multiple iPS/ES training courses, aggregated on ISSCR web-site

For business professionals and cell therapy trialists:
Cellular Therapies Manufacturing workshops and GMP-training at the CCRM (Canada)
PharmiCell Cell Product GMP Manufacturing Training Service

Pharmicell offers hands on training courses for manufacturing and quality control of adult human stem cells. The hands on course is accompanied by theoretical lectures and seminars on regulations, stem cells and practical solutions including qualification, validation, clean room monitoring, analytics and SOP development.

Annual Business Educational Course: Regenerative Medicine (US).

I’d like to note, that currently we have a lot of opportunities for research training in pluripotent stem cells culture. Unfortunately, there are no trainings in adult or neonatal stem cell isolation, culture and assays. Also, we are missing trainings in clinical cell processing and manufacturing, GMP and stem cell labs management.

If you know more information about trainings, courses and workshops, especially of those which we are missing, please send us a note or comment. If you would like to promote or give detailed information about your training for regenerative medicine and cell therapy professionals and students, please contact us.

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