The next generation of potency assays for hematopoietic graft – a poll

by Alexey Bersenev on January 31, 2012 · 0 comments

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There is a necessity for development of improved potency assays in hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) transplantation clinic. Today I’d like to offer a poll, where you express your opinion on this matter.

Potency is defined as the specific capacity of a cellular product to affect a given result. The potency of cell product in HSC transplantation clinic is assessing a function of stem and progenitor cells. The current analogs of potency assays in HSC transplantation clinic are total nucleated cell number (TNC) and CD34 expression analysis by flow cytometry. The TNC number is actually a general quality test for cell product. CD34+ cell assessment was the first attempt to estimate stem and progenitor cell potency and predict transplant outcome. These two assays are required today for quality assessment of hematopoietic graft. The problem with these assays is that they are not always good predictors of outcome and graft performance. Some centers perform colony-forming assay, which is recommended as better predictor, but not required. Unfortunately, this assay is very variable, subjective and time consuming. Overall, currently there is no consensus on uniform potency assay for hematopoiietic graft.

Recently, a few new methodologies were developed for assessment of hematopoietic potency. There is growing evidence that ALDH (aldehyde dehydrogenase) could be a good alternative or even superior to CD34+ cell count. The HALO assay, developed by Hemogenix is currently testing in the clinic. Some automated methods were proposed.

The new generation potency assay should have very high (outcome) predictive value and also should be: easy to perform, rapid, not costly, highly reproducible and standardized, automated, have possibility for high throughput.

Now a poll: What would be the best potency assay for hematopoietic graft? In this poll I included 3 currently commonly used assays (TNC, CD34 and colony-forming) and “next generation” assays (in development).

Please vote and discuss! Please feel free to share this poll! It will be cross-posted in Cord Blood Banking and other groups on LinkedIn.

NB! If you don’t see embedded poll, follow the direct link.

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