How to set up stem cell culture laboratory

by Alexey Bersenev on November 8, 2011 · 0 comments

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I just came across of very interesting review about setting up of stem cell culture laboratory. We’re lacking this kind of technical literature. So, if you’re getting a lab and setting up cell culture room or “stem cell facility”, you should read it.

What is specifics for stem cell culture in academic center?

Two scenarios are particularly relevant for stem cell research: 1] Primary cultures are often derived from tissues where one has no- or limited control over how the tissue was obtained and the potential infection risk it carries 2] Cultures are often carried continuously for long periods, several years in some instances. These conditions necessitate meticulous planning and reproducible execution of culture protocols and careful aseptic technique to maintain the health and integrity of the cells and safety of laboratory workers.

The authors provide recommendations and guidelines for good scientific practice in stem cell research lab:

This document lays out fundamental issues to be addressed in the establishment of a stem cell culture laboratory. The aim is to provide guidance on ways to overcome many challenges to smooth operation, encountered in varying climates and environments. Parts of this overview are modeled on the Guidance on Good Cell Culture Practice and should be considered as an ‘aide memoire’ to complement existing guidelines.

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