Introducing CellPedia: a repository for human cell information

by Alexey Bersenev on November 2, 2011 · 0 comments

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Today I came across of new database – CellPedia. It is a free public database for professionals who work with human cells.

… this is the first attempt to develop a digital cell bank to function as a public resource for the accumulation of current knowledge about human cells.

Detailed information about CellPedia was recently published in Database journal:

CELLPEDIA is a repository database for current knowledge about human cells. It contains various types of information, such as cell morphologies, gene expression and literature references. The major role of CELLPEDIA is to provide a digital dictionary of human cells for the biomedical field, including support for the characterization of artificially generated cells in regenerative medicine. CELLPEDIA features (i) its own cell classification scheme, in which whole human cells are classified by their physical locations in addition to conventional taxonomy; and (ii) cell differentiation pathways compiled from biomedical textbooks and journal papers.

You can also read a reference manual.

I really like the idea and database itself. I was playing a little in stem category and I was enjoying gene expression neighbors tree.

Try CellPedia now and tell us what do you think. We will actively promote this great public resource!

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