The prime time for spinal cord Injury clinical trials

by Alexey Bersenev on October 26, 2011 · 0 comments

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As you may know, there is a bunch currently ongoing cell therapy clinical trials for treatment of spinal cord injury. Most of them have been started in the last 2-3 years. But we have to realize that the leap to clinical trials was preceded by more than two decades of intensive research and pre-clinical testing. Michael Fehlings and Reaz Vawda in the recent review nicely summarize current cell therapy clinical trials and conclude:

The field of regenerative neuroscience has reached a stage in which the clinical trials are scientifically and ethically justified.

The authors compared 11 cell types, some of which used in clinical trials, and highlighted their advantages and disadvantages. The significance of implementation international guidelines was also emphasized:

The absolute requirement for international peer-reviewed assessment, regulation, independent monitoring and duplication, complete transparency, and accurate record keeping of every step of the process of designing, initiating, and executing clinical trials cannot be over-emphasized. In this regard, a series of guidelines and criteria has recently been published, and the principles for ethical implementation of clinical trials in patients with SCI have been established by the ICCP panel.

Full text in open access! Highly recommended!

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