Flow cytometry data on public domain

by Alexey Bersenev on September 16, 2011 · 0 comments

in cytometry, open science

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Have you ever thought about public availability of flow cytometry data? Some folks have asked a while ago: “Why scientists don’t deposit raw flow cytometry data (.fcs files) alongside with published paper?” They do it for microarrays, why not for flow? Wouldn’t be great if everyone can access flow cytometry files from particular published article, download, play with them and do data mining experiment? It’s especially important in such field as stem cell research, where many conclusions rely on flow cytometry. Wouldn’t it increase scientific productivity and data reproducibility? Well, we were dreaming about flow cytometry data on public domain. We got this opportunity now!

New web-resource Cytobank is creating a concept of cytometry in the cloud:

Advances in flow cytometry now enable researchers and clinicians to simultaneously measure a large number of cellular parameters. Along with that informational power comes a tremendous increase in the scale of data and a concomitant increase in demand for computational solutions.

Uploading your raw data to the cloud and analyzing this data in the cloud enables you to take advantage of computing power that may not be accessible in your own lab or department. Even smaller datasets can benefit from analysis in the cloud, which makes your results searchable and available from anywhere.

Cytobank introduction video:

You can learn basic Cytobank concepts here.

I’m really happy to see this initiative from cytometry community. I’ll continue to introduce the possibilities of cytometry in the cloud (Cytobank) in following posts. Stay tuned!

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