Cell therapy industry – market size and more predictions

by Alexey Bersenev on May 29, 2011 · 0 comments

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I was enjoying reading the recent review of Chris Mason, published in Regenerative Medicine. I’m going to quote some important data from this review today.

What is the current cell therapy market size and value?

The CTI alone (as opposed to regenerative medicine, which includes small and large molecules, devices and cells) had global sales of $410 million in 2008, and is predicted to grow to $2.7 billion by 2012 and $5.1 billion by 2014, with even greater growth expected to follow. This 2008 figure agrees well with the independently generated data for regenerative cell therapies alone of $100–200 million for the year 2009–2010.

You can look at graph for cell therapy industry market value for 2008-2014.

We are very hopeful that more cell therapies will be approved for wide clinical use and more commercial products will come to the market in the next 5 years. This optimism is based on the (1) huge clinical demand for new regenerative therapies and (2) number of clinical trials, involved cell transplantation. You can follow clinical trials worldwide via Cell Therapy Trials aggregator. This project is tracking all launched clinical trials since January 2011, clinical cases, observations and results of finished trials reported and published in peer-review literature.

More predictions from Mason’s review, based on number of clinical trials:

Around the world cell therapy research is progressing at a rapid pace. Globally, over the past 10 years more than 2500 trials involving cell-based therapies (hematological and nonhematological) have commenced, with the majority still either enrolling patients or gathering clinical data. More significantly, over 50% of these trials are at Phase II and III, the stages that begin to examine a therapeutic’s clinical effectiveness [Davie NL, Culme-Seymour EJ, Brindley DA, Mason C, Unpublished Data]. Therefore, using a pessimistic overall 1–2% success rates (currently biotech is running at a 5.3% compounded probability success rate going from Phase II to market authorization), the number of regulatory approved cell therapies 5–10 years from now could be well over a hundred.

Finally, Mason noted some the most successful companies and current products – Organogenesis with Apligraf, TiGenix with ChondroCelect, NuVasive with Osteocel, Dendreon with Provenge and others. They felt very well financially in 2009-2011:

In 2011 the CTI will have its first billion dollar revenue year. Just taking the big hitters alone, Advanced BioHealing (Westport, CT, USA), Dendreon and Organogenesis (Canton, OH, USA) plus cord blood banking, this figure can easily be justified. Advanced BioHealing had revenues last year of $146 million for Dermagraft® (fibroblast-derived dermal substitute) and are currently preparing to become a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ Stock Market [108]. The company’s growth in revenues has gone from $44 million (2008) to $85 million (2009) to this year’s $146 million, with even more impressive gross profits of $28, $65 and $115 million for each respective year.
Currently, Dendreon is predicting sales revenues for Provenge in the range of $350–400 million for 2011. Other potential blockbusters are well advanced, including laViv™ (azficel-T) from Fibrocell Science, Inc. (Exton, PA, USA), which is awaiting the outcome of its FDA Biologics Licence Application (BLA).
Thus, when the predicted $330 million annual revenue from the cord blood banking sector is also taken into account, the billion dollar per year milestone will be more than exceeded by 31 December 2011.

Very optimistic predictions. We are eager to see this movement!

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