True blood: What approach is more promising for blood manufacturing?

by Alexey Bersenev on February 13, 2011 · 1 comment

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There is an increasing gap between demand of blood and supply of donors worldwide. Today researchers and clinicians are really exciting about the possibility of manufacturing blood cells. Some proof-of-concept research was done and funding organizations quite optimistic about it.

The most promising direction is making red blood cells (RBC) and platelet. There are two main methodological branches for creating RBC artificially – (1) biological or synthetic oxygen carriers and (2) using progenitos or/and stem cells. Recently one more potential method was added – generation of RBC via direct reprogramming of fibroblasts by defined factors.

Please watch this Wellcome Trust video as a teaser:

I’m doing some analysis of this issue and trying to collect independent opinions from professionals. Please express your opinion by taking a poll below. This poll is dedicated to the question of making RBC artificially. But the poll also could be applied for platelet manufacturing (exclude option 1). If you think that different approaches could be applied for RBC and platelet generation, please leave a comment.

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Régis DE MEUTER February 16, 2011 at 12:41 am


Artificial blood is certainly not an utopia and different technologies are promising.
It’s even mandatory, collecting random blood, although very altruist, has too be switch over to something more standardized (biological ranges too large) and secured (emergent and endemic pathogens, alloimmunizations …).
The main challenge will be to be as competitive as the blood ‘gift’ and low preparation processes cost (nevertheless increasing with PRT and other savety measures). But the quality of a pharmaceutical product should prevail !

Sincerely yours,


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