Hixton Group proposal on international stem cell research registry and collaboration

by Alexey Bersenev on January 25, 2011 · 0 comments

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Yesterday, Hixton Group (Washington, DC), an international consortium on stem cells ethics and law, released a proposal that could promote efficient collaboration and facilitate progress in the field. That’s what we’re advocating here at Stem Cell Assays.

From Science Insider report:

The report recommends setting up a publicly available global stem cell registry that would include a cell line’s characteristics and derivation information.

A database of stem cell-related patents is also urgently needed, the group says, to help scientists deal with the thorny thicket of intellectual property that has grown along with the hot field. In addition to the database, researchers, funders, and institutions should explore ways that intellectual property could be shared through so-called patent pools or other agreements that would make it simpler for researchers—and companies—to know what royalty costs they might expect. The group also recommends that patents involving government-funded inventions should conform to standards that allow broad use of the data, materials, and technologies involved.

We will strongly support and promote such databases. We believe that the absence of community-based data sharing resources could hold back the scientific progress. Even though, proposal focuses mostly on embryonic and iPS cell lines, it could be expanded to any adult tissue stem cells:

… the statement encourages researchers working with cells from other tissues to adopt similar practices and join the data-sharing networks and cell banks.

Read full text of proposal or download .pdf

Quotes: Science Insider
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