Phenotypic differences between cord blood and adult peripheral blood

by Alexey Bersenev on September 27, 2010 · 0 comments

in cord blood, cytometry

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I’d like to share the study investigating phenotypic profiles of cord blood cells in comparison with adult peripheral blood. Article published in Cytometry Part B: Clinical Cytometry and available in open access.

In conclusion, our data have shown that CB contains two lymphoid populations characterized by differing levels of CD45 expression, accompanied by differing percentages of T cell subsets, and NKT and NK cells. We propose that cells in the CD45dim gate are less mature, due to their diminished expression of CD45, and that they will only achieve full maturity after birth of the baby. Therefore, CD3+CD4+CD25high cells and CD3+CD8+CD25high cells expressing GITR, as well as NKT and NK cells in the CD45dim gate probably represent naive populations.

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