Notes about cancer stem cell assays from AACR 2010

by Alexey Bersenev on April 18, 2010 · 0 comments

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I’m attending American Association of Cancer Research annual meeting in Washington DC right now. I’m enjoying meeting so far and planning to share with you some of my brief notes – quotes (tweet-like style) that I took during cancer stem cell sessions yesterday and today.

Unfortunately Andreas Trumpp talk was cancel due volcano activity in Iceland, so most of my notes from 3 speakers: Sean Morrison , Jeremy Rich and Carlo Maley.

Dr. Rich:

    – 2 theories (clonal evolution and cancer stem cells) are not mutually exclusive and likely act concurrently;
    – cancer stem cell (CSC) are functionally definded by self-renewal, susteained proliferation and tumor initiation -propagation ability;
    – CSC act not in cell autonomous manner
    – other proposed functional characteristics of CSC – evasion-metastasis, immune evasion, relation to niche, angiogenesis;
    – cell lines fail to replicate original heterogeneity.

Dr. Morrison:

    – tumorigeneity is very much assay-dependent;
    – surface markers (CD133 for instance) frequently does not distinguish tumorigenuc vs. non-tumorigenic populations;
    – cancers need to be hierarchycally organized in order to be heterogeneous;
    – heterogeneity is driven by reversible phenotypically changes and irreversible genetic changes;
    – no xenotransplant assay recapitulates the immune response that occurs in some patients;
    – immunocompetence should be tested with mouse models of cancer transplanted into histocompatible recipients;
    – tumor genotype can have an impact to tumorigeneity assays and frequency of SCS;
    – the potential of cancer cells to proliferate extensevely is context dependent.

Dr. Maley:

    – natural selection should lead to neoplasms dominated almost completely by cancer stem cells but we don’t see that;
    – hierarchy of CSC is an assumption which should be tested further;
    – current assays confound engraftment with stemness;
    – non-CSC have fitness effect on CSC, such as: niche-stroma and supression of competitors, they must co-exist.

and the last point for today, but very important:
Gerald Cunha:

    – non-tumorigeneic is mean able to survive in mice for few months without tumor formation.

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